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my name is nicky and I'm a dork who likes homestuck, rooster teeth and things that aren't funny like the wii fit lady and vines




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idfk what i’m supposed to do this kid goes through like twenty hair styles and don’t even get me started on what the fuck his facial hair is going to be doing

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Artist: Riccasze
Track: Blood Gulch Blues (A Capella Cover)
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Originally by Trocadero

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Clint told him to do it for the vine

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when you’re trying to sing your favorite song and you’re friend tries to start singing with you


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Mantis and moth stickers! I’ll be selling these at SMASH this year. :) I couldn’t resist making cute lil buggies.

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Track: 7pm
Album: Animal Crossing-New Leaf OST
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Just in case it’s not raining where you live, here’s the regular version too.

by far my favorite hourly music from new leaf, I could listen to it all day.

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Geoff in the new RT Life

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