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my name is nicky and I'm a dork who likes homestuck, rooster teeth and things that aren't funny like the wii fit lady and vines




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makkochi just farted real raw

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Hey everyone!! As of late, I’ve had no luck with having axes restock in my town. If you’ve got one in your store right now, I’d love to buy it! Send me your friend code and I’ll send you mine back. I don’t mind giving you extra bells for the trouble.

I’ll just be in the town for the axe, and I’ll be right out. But if you want to show me around, I’d love to have a look!!

Here’s my ask box! Thanks for the consideration!!

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Hieroglyphic Moth (Diphthera festiva)

This pretty noctuid moth is widespread throughout the New World tropics, from Florida to Argentina.

The striking grey and yellow pattern is most likely aposematic. When entomologist Vitor Becker tossed one of these moths towards a gray kingbird, it caught it in the air, returned to its perch, tried to swallow it, then spit it out and cleaned its beak against the branch. Blech!

More about this moth and more pictures: Encyclopedia of Life

Image by Lynette Schimming via Flickr 

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I’m a 20 year old with their first smart phone
this is frightening
i didn’t even plug it into my computer but it has all my music on it
also siri omg

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my fav trash child

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rt mario kart tournament (x)

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michael being a cutie in the achievement hunter ice bucket challenge video

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