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my name is nicky and I'm a dork who likes homestuck, rooster teeth and things that aren't funny like the wii fit lady and vines




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stop procrastinating stop procrastinating diggity dang it

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Only 90s kids remember.


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sarge’s forge world song gives me hope

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the struggle when you wanna draw geoff but you have no idea when it comes to his tattoos

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Rest In Pizza

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I’m sorry for going into the tags, but I’m completely confused!

Which Minecraft Let’s Play had terrible lag in the Nether where (I want to say) Michael and Gavin were digging up, but Gavin had to dig as well because the blocks Michael were digging didn’t register for him?

TY for the answers!!

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me eating lunch

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Great Windmill butterfly, Atrophaneura dasarada, found in Asia. In some regions, is known as the Butterfly of Death.

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#naturephotography http://ift.tt/PZ34fr

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All the 15 year old bloggers are savages yo they like the little kindgartners from Recess

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